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Our members have seen an average
50 point credit score gain during
first three months of membership.

Negative Items Removed in 2015

Late Payment
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Our Process

  • Examine

    Once you sign up, we instantly pull an all 3 credit bureau report. Our Credit Doctor’s analyze your unique situation and create a plan of Treatment.

  • Treatment

    Step 2 - This is where having CreditWebMD on your side is so critical. Our treatment consists of two approaches.

    First we treat your past, taking on the credit bureaus and creditors to guarantee they delete ALL erroneous items from your credit report.

    Second is rebuilding your present. We believe that in order to provide a full credit treatment it is our responsibility to educate our customers on everything from the basics of credit to proper management and beyond. We make it our mission to provide you with a plethora of the best credit related knowledge in the industry.

  • Repair

    Step 3 - Within the first 30-45 days after we have engaged the credit bureaus you begin to receive correspondence. Simply send us any correspondence from credit bureaus, collection companies or original creditors via your dashboard, email or mail. Lastly, you can monitor your progress and success on our website via the client login.

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I started working with CreditWebMD.com 3 months ago and I am really happy with my progress.I am receiving letters from the credit bureaus every month and seeing the transformation right before my eyes. Already have 4 accounts removed from all 3 credit bureaus and credit score has gone up as well. Thank you soo much, you have a client for life.

Patrick S.

As a disgruntled customer of another credit repair firm I was hesitant to begin this process all over again. Now I can definitely say my biggest mistake was not contacting you first. You have really helped me out a lot, on my way to 850.

Vicky W.

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